Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring Lunch

Zachary's lunch today contained egg noodles with broccoli sprinkled with pecorino romano cheese a thermos, some spectacular sweet strawberries, Teddy Grahams and alphabet cookies, and on the right, some Trader Joe's multigrain crackers and some mozzarella cheese chunks. In the reusable container is some soy milk.

Talk about a tasty waste-free mostly vegetarian lunch. He had several bites of the noodles and broccoli before I packed them, so I know he'll like them. All of this went into his Transformers lunch box with a reusable plastic fork and his Transformers cloth napkin. See? You can be waste-free, veggie-friendly, and still fun.


Lunch Buckets said...

You're getting really good at this waste-free thing! Tell your boy I think his thermos is really cool :)

Desi Mommy said...

I'll tell him... He loved the Justice League container. He is a Transformers geek. Now if he would only eat the damn lunch! He's so skinny!