Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Ok, this post is not about lunch, nothing to do with anything Indian, definitely not economical, and it's not even healthy.

It was my daughter's 5th birthday yesterday and we had a lovely dinner in her honor at the restaurant where dh is the manager. He asked the pastry chef to make a birthday cake for her and this was the result.

Dh asked for a vanilla cake with raspberry and white chocolate mousse filling. What we got was this beautiful confection. Apparently the signage is all edible, though according to the waiter, we would not want to eat it. The outside is coated with crushed candied walnuts. The flowers were made of gumpaste and airbrushed and the leaves were marzipan. The puffy scallops around the perimeter were white chocolate mousse. This is much more than I expected from a restaurant and Mackenzie was thrilled.

After the requisite singing, wishing, and candle extinguishing, the waiter whisked the cake off to the kitchen for serving. Expecting a vanilla cake with raspberry and white chocolate mousse filling, I mindlessly plunged my fork into the slice on my plate expecting cake, mousse, and raspberry, which I got, but not in the proportions I expected. I stopped mid-sentence to inspect the cake and figured out that it was more like a white chocolate mousse torte which was frosted in white chocolate mousse. Oh my goodness was it good!

The remains of the torte cake are in my refrigerator, but not nearly as pretty as they were last night. Fortunately for me, the kids were not as fond of it as dh and I were, so we'll be having some of that later tonight.

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