Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out to lunch

Now that we all seem to be settling into our routines, I am starting to get back into better lunch planning and packing habits. I like to sleep in the morning. For as obsessive as I am about lunch, odd as it seems, I like to sleep more than I like to make lunch. Go figure.

This was the older one's lunch on Friday. He got a clementine, a reusable bottle of Powerade (diluted with some water), graham crackers, smoked turkey with white American cheese on whole wheat bread, trail mix with cashews, raisins, and yogurt raisins, raw green beans (my weird kids like to snack on these and make a beeline for them when we go to the grocery store), and honey wheat pretzels, a recent discovery that none of us can get enough of.

The little one got mostly the same thing without the sandwich. She also requested animal crackers in lieu of graham crackers. She is in half day Kindergarten, so she eats lunch before she leaves for school and gets a snack.

Now that the nights and mornings are getting a bit chilly, I am going to start filling their thermal containers for lunch. The older one has already made specific requests, so he'll start getting a container a few days a week.


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