Sunday, June 1, 2008

After school snack for two

Friday was a particularly busy day. Z had school and M had sports camp in the morning and both had skating in the afternoon. It was a particularly warm day as well, good for wearing shorts and playing outside. Late spring is finally here.

Although M did not have school, a healthy but substantial snack was in order for both of them.
On the far left are mini fruit bentos with grapes, plum slices, and half of an apricot. In the middle are mozzarella cheese cubes and Wheatables, and on the right are some baby carrots and sliced celery. In the reusable drink boxes on the left is diluted blue Powerade with ice.

On the right are very cool pink and blue reusable gel filled drink cups with snack container on the bottom. I found these at the Container Store recently and thought they would be a fun variation on the reusable drink boxes we usually use. They were particularly handy on our Memorial Day road trip because the gel in the upper container can be frozen and will stay cold supposedly for four hours. For our road trip, I put milk in the top and dry cereal in the bottom for breakfast in the car. For this snack, they got vanilla soy milk and some cookies.

As far as the Powerade, that is a compromise. They both have water bottles (reusable, of course) that they keep handy for activities. When they are actively playing or doing sports, I allow them to have diluted sports drinks to replenish their potassium and sodium. They barely notice that it's diluted and for them it's just plain fun to drink something that is in such an unnatural color. (rolling eyes). Oh well.


Lunch Buckets said...

Oh yes - the power of the electric blue drink - amazing!

Desi Mommy said...

It's good stuff, although I think I like Gatorade Frost a little better. I drink it too, rationalizing that it must be better for me than Diet Coke. The lack of caffeine makes it a challenge. Sigh.