Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Lunch Sacks

Now that the end of the school year is upon us, it's not exactly the time of year most people are thinking about lunch boxes. Then again, I am not most people and I think about lunch all the time, so it's as good a time a year as any. I found these lunch sacks on the Lands' End web site in the clearance section for a really great price, $6.99, so I picked them up for the squirts. The regular price for the newer, updated is $10.50 or 2 for $20.00, so not bad for a good quality sack. The lilac is M's, something other than pink for a change, and the bright red is for Z.

They are very durable and sturdy, which is what I expect from Lands' End. The exterior is a durable woven nylon and the interior is a heavy weight PVC that can be pulled out and cleaned very easily. The top folds over and secures with velcro and there is a plastic handle at the top along with a nifty carabiner clip to hook onto backpacks or, in our case, the rolling backpacks my kids use for their skates. The shape is more of a flatter rectangle than I thought, taller and longer and about the same width as my ipod, so it will probably work better lying down than standing up.

Lands' End has quite a selection of lunch boxes in various sizes. While they are not inexpensive, they are very durable and will take a beating. One that I like is the Uniform HotStuff Lunch Box which includes a thermal container. At $29.50, it's a pretty good value considering that the thermal containers alone are around $14.00 at Target.


Lynne said...

Hi Desi, Sorry to write this through your comments. I have a new blog - which just features a photo of a nice, healthy lunch every day. I was wondering if you would have a photo of a homemade lunch you could send me and I would link the post to your blog.
Kind regards, Lynne

Desi Mommy said...

Hi, Lynne!

I would love to! If you can figure out how to e-mail me at that I'll reply with a photo.

Thanks for reading!