Sunday, February 10, 2008

Antioxidant bento

I made this very colorful and healthy bento for my daughter on Thursday for preschool.

I love this container (made by Guateplast) because of the well in the middle dip, complete with separate lid. One of my students had one like it in her lunch and I knew immediately I had to have one. I finally found it at our local Pathmark, but they only had one, so I am on a mission to find another. For now I will have to manage.... Sigh.

Inspired by the vibrant colors, I put in strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries on one side. On the other side are some animal crackers and pretzels. I put in a handful of homemade granola as filler to keep the berries from rolling around and to absorb any wayward moisture or juices from flowing. In the middle is lowfat vanilla yogurt, into which she could dip the fruit, sprinkle with granola, or eat straight up. To round it out and continue my antioxidant kick, I gave her some grape juice in a Rubbermaid reusable juice box. The spoon is from her kiddie cutlery set (which also has a fork and spoon with it's own cute little carrying case) and everything is spread out on her Tinkerbell cloth napkin which I made at the beginning of the school year.

Here is everything all packed up nicely in her the top section of her brother's Transformers lunchbox. He stayed home from school with a cold and was too sick to notice her taking it. I didn't mention it to him either...

Review: 4 stars.
She liked the granola, strawberries, animal crackers, and pretzels, although she only dipped the strawberries and animal crackers. She said she ate the yogurt with her spoon. Apparently it didn't occur to her to sprinkled the granola into the yogurt until she saw me do it when I finshed the yogurt.

I'll take a better picture of the granola and post the recipe separately - I promise!

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